Give the Gift of Better Hearing This Christmas with the MSA30X!

 photo msa-30x-in-ear-slide-01_zps34e02d36.jpg

This Christmas you can give the special gift of better hearing! With the MSA 30X you can help to improve your loved ones hearing in no time at all. The MSA30X Hearing Aids work by amplifying sound waves so that anyone can hear up to 20 times better. It is small and subtle, and also very lightweight at just 0.3 ounces. No one will even notice you are wearing it!

The best part is that it is going to be comfortable for everyone because it comes with extra Silicone Tips that are sized for just about any ear. You might not even remember that it’s there! It is also super handy because you never have to replace the batteries, you simply have to charge it at the end of its use to be sure that it’s ready for the next use. It is excellent for the elderly or anyone with arthritis because you don’t have to change out the small pieces or remember to pick up replacement batteries.

Bulky sound amplifiers can cost hundreds, but try MSA 30X for just $59.95 for just half the price and you’ll also get a cleaning brush and 5 Comfort Tips. Now you can hear up to 30 times better for just $29.95. Wait! There’s even more, they’ll double the offer absolutely free! Just pay separate processing and handling. Wear them both or give one to a loved one. Did you get all that? That’s two MSA 30X hearing amplifiers for just $29.95. Hear better today!

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