MSA 30X In Stores?

I always comb the As Seen on TV aisle, whether I am actually looking for a product or not. They have absolutely everything in those aisles that you see on TV, but when I went on a search for MSA 30X I had no luck finding it. Little did I know it wasn’t sold in stores.

I always like to check stores first because I know that if I need to I will be able to return the product more easily. However, since I couldn’t find these hearing aids in stores I decided to look online again and read through some reviews. What I found was shocking! Some people were angry with the company, others were mad at customer service, and a few were overall disappointed with the ordering process.

Well, like most people, I went ahead and ordered anyway, and I’m really glad I did! Those reviews were ridiculous. I am not computer savvy at all, but I know how to order a product at least.

The reason these people had such a hard time is because they did not read the directions and accidentally ordered multiple products. The “Offer Details” are made clear on every as seen on TV site out there. You just have to be sure to read them!

I hope that I can help those of you who felt discouraged when reading through those negative reviews because MSA 30X Sound Amplifiers are truly a fantastic product for those with hearing problems. It really helped me in my everyday life and I hope that it helps you just the same!

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