Can You Hear Me?

I recently started to take an American Sign Language (ASL) class, and I learned a lot of interesting stuff about deaf culture. My teacher was not deaf, but her sister was so she would come and talk to us about her life and her her experiences being deaf. She told us that when she was a child she had huge hearing aids that looked like you could communicate with people from other planets because they were so big and goofy. She stopped using those when she was old enough to let her parents know that she had had enough of them. Let’s face it, those had to be embarrassing!

Now, she does not use hearing aids because she finds them too loud and distracting. However, she recommends them to parents with younger children or adults who do not think they would mind the noise. The children who use them early show the best results because they get used to them more easily. It is hard to start using them when you are older. She told us that her deaf daughter used to use her hearing aids when she was younger, but unfortunately lost them when she was outside playing. They couldn’t afford expensive new ones again and they weren’t covered by insurance. So, she decided to try the MSA 30X Sound Amplifier to help her daughter. It worked! Her daughter told her that they were so similar to her super expensive hearing aids and she was so happy to have them back.

After hearing my teachers story, I purchased one for my grandpa who is hard of hearing and he had good results. He heard some sounds that annoyed him, but quickly got used to it. He was happier to hear those annoying sounds then nothing at all. Overall, I had no bad experiences with this company. I really love this product and those that I know who have used it have really enjoyed the results.

It is hard to imagine being in that scenario, but I’m so glad that the MSA 30X was invented to help those who are hard of hearing or deaf. It is something hearing people don’t think about everyday, but there are so many people who have this disability that we have to make sure not to forget about them.

A few reviews that I found absurd:

I have seen quite a few complaints about this product that I would like to address. One, is the fact that there is loud background noise. In all actuality that is what many people will hear with hearing aids because they amplify the loudest sounds. So, if a fan was buzzing and your teacher was talking the fan would be a louder sound in the hearing aid than the teacher. Sadly, that is just how it works, that’s why it is better to have children use hearing aids young because it is easier for them to block out the sounds they don’t need. Another issue was battery life. Well, let’s think about this. In many other hearing aids you have to constantly change the battery, while with this one you simply recharge them which really saves you money in the long run. It does stink when you forget to charge it, but that is the buyer’s responsibility, not a product flaw. Finally, the website tells you just how long shipping will take, so I advise you not to be angry or surprised when it isn’t on your doorstep the next day. Many problems people have had could be resolved by simply reading over the website and its policies more in depth.

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