MSA 30X Sound Amplifier

Are you frustrated with your hearing? This is an amazing offer that can change the way you hear. Introducing the fully rechargeable MSA 30X. It is a revolutionary device that features the latest Micro Sound Amplification Technology that can barely be seen. Independently tested to help you hear up to 30 times better, the MSA 30X turns ordinary hearing into extraordinary hearing. This device works by capturing and amplifying sound waves, yet its lightweight design is extremely discreet. It form fits in and around either ear and is so comfortable. Now you can hear clearly in restaurants, never miss another word on TV or at the movies, and be a bigger contributor to any conversation. The volume can even be adjusted to any level you desire.

Other units use so many batteries and they’re difficult to change, but the MSA 30X is completely rechargeable, simply plug it into the wall. Bulky sound amplifiers can cost hundreds, but try MSA 30X for just $59.95 and you’ll also get a cleaning brush and 5 Comfort Tips. But wait, for a limited time, you can get the device for half the price. Now you can hear up to 30 times better for just $29.95. Wait! There’s even more, they’ll double the offer absolutely free! Just pay separate processing and handling. Wear them both or give one to a loved one. Did you get all that? That’s two MSA 30X hearing amplifiers for just $29.95. Hear better today!

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